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If you are looking for where to buy GNLD Neolife products in Nigeria, Africa, or any other part of the world, You are in the right place. Below are a few best neolife products and their benefits to your health.

Tre en en – One of the Best Gnld Neolife Products in Nigeria

Developed and introduced by Neolife in 1958, Tre-en-en ®  tre en en is one of the best selling GNLD Neolife products in Nigeria, It provides phyto-lipids essential for optimal cellular health and function, including omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids and phyto-sterols, including beta-sitosterol, gamma-oryzanol, stimasterol and campesterol, plus octacosanol.

Lipids and sterols provide critical support for healthy cellular uptake of nutrients and cellular exports of waste and metabolites.

TRE-EN-EN ® Grain Concentrates “feed your cells” with an exclusive whole-food blend of wheat , rice and soy extracts. It supplies phyto-LIPIDS, including Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, phyto-STEROLS beta-sitosterol, gamma-oryzanol, stimasterol and campesterol, plus octacosanol.

Does not contain cholesterol. Cold pressed and cold processed to maintain nutritional value.

Complete lipid and sterol profile of wheat , rice and soya.

Various phytonutrient extracts from staples used around the globe provide essential nutrients, such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, for optimal cell function.

Scientifically proven to promote the efficient use of nutrients needed for cardiovascular growth and development *.

Replaces important sterols removed from processed foods, including beta-sitosterol, gamma-oryzanol, stimasterol and campesterol, plus octacosanol.

Cold-pressed and cold-processed to maintain nutritional value.

Cholesterol-free, yeast-free.

* This statement was not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any kind of disease.

Gelatine, glycerine, yellow beeswax, water, rice bran powder, wheat germ powder, titanium dioxide, natural color, and mixed non-alpha tocopherol.

Please note: Gnld products and neolife products are the same company. you can get tre en en online or in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Enugu office, or anywhere in Nigeria.

Aleo vera – Another Great Neolife Products in Nigeria

Aleo vera one of the GNLD products Used worldwide in natural drinks and traditional remedies, the soothing aloe vera plant has been used both topically and internally for about 4,000 years to promote health, stamina and vitality.

Research has repeatedly validated many traditional uses of this succulent plant, including internal use to promote gastrointestinal health, a strong immune system, normal blood sugar levels, and to help prevent inflammation.

Aloe Vera phyto-beverage from Neolife provides a refreshing way to start your day. It’s an irresistibly delicious, sparkling new taste from one of our long-standing favorite drinks.

This naturally refreshing phyto-beverage is lightly carbonated and contains pure aloe vera flavored with a unique blend of black tea, chamomile, ginseng and natural lemon.

• The “Gel-only” filling process avoids the undesirables found in whole-leaf aloe.

• Neolife’s herbal tea blend contains black tea, chamomile, ginseng and natural lemon synergistically combined to provide a delicious flavor that appeals to all members of the family.

• Lightly carbonated to provide a refreshing, delicious way to enjoy the benefits of aloe vera every day.

• “Glycemic edge” beverage sweetened with fructose for rapid and sustained energy.

• Only 13 calories per serving of 2 ounces.

Carbonated water, aloe vera concentrate, fructose, instant tea (Camellia sinensis), natural lemon flavour, chamomile, ginseng, citric acid, sodium benzoate (to help protect the taste).

Q. Why did Neolife come out with a carbonated drink from Aloe Vera?

  • A. Neolife knows that the market for phyto-drinks is huge, and carbonated beverages are also a big part of the business. Neolife’s carbonated Aloe Vera phyto-beverage is very successful in the international marketplace and we feel that our carbonated Aloe Vera will provide North American distributors with another product to tap into that market.

Q. What’s the Aloe Vera Neolife product beverage shelf life?

  • A. All Neolife supplements have the “Best If Used By” date on their label. In the case of carbonated Aloe Vera, shelf life is approximately one year.

Q. Does Aloe Vera’s neolife product drink contain the same blend of tea as Aloe Vera Plus?

  • A. No, the tea blend found in the carbonated Aloe Vera beverage contains black tea, chamomile, ginseng and lemon to make a pleasant sparkling drink.

Q. Does the Aloe Vera drink neolife product contain pure aloe?

  • A. Yes, the aloe vera used in Neolife’s carbonated Aloe Vera phyto-beverage and Vitality Aloe Vera Plus is 100 % pure inner gel-filled aloe.

Q. Why are there fewer calories in the new Aloe Vera gnld product beverage?

  • A. A little less fructose is added to the new Aloe Vera beverage, as the carbonation gives some sweetness.

Q. Does the beverage of Aloe Vera gnld products contain aloin?

  • A. Aloe Vera phyto-beverage of Neolife does not contain aloin. Aloin is a bitter tasting laxative compound contained in the yellow sap of the aloe vera plant, which may be irritating to the digestive system.

Q. What is sodium benzoate and what’s it used for?

  • A. Neolife’s Aloe Vera beverage contains a small amount of sodium benzoate to help protect the taste. Sodium benzoate is a sodium benzoic acid salt. Benzoic acid is a natural berry component.

Please note: Gnld products and neolife products are the same company. You can get Aleo vera online or in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Enugu office, or anywhere in Nigeria.

Betagard – is another great GNLD Neolife Products in Nigeria

The increasing presence of toxic chemicals in our environment increases the risk of life-threatening diseases. GNLD’s Betagard provides nutritional protection. Its synergistic blend of antioxidant and detoxifying nutrients helps the body to neutralize and metabolize toxic materials. 


  • Pollution is a threat to our good health. Scientists estimate that 80% of cancers are caused by environmental causes. Pollutants may also contribute to other diseases — heart disease, kidney disease, emphysema, anemia, liver disease, etc. 

  • The assault comes from all sides. The air we breathe, both inside and outside, as well as the water we drink and the food we eat, are all potential sources of toxic exposure. 

  • Scientific research shows that certain nutrients can boost the body’s defenses against environmental toxins, interfere with toxic reactions and prevent cell damage that can lead to disease. 

Why is BETAGARD – Neolife Product is a great choice? 

  • Developed by a world renowned toxicologist, Dr. Arthur Furst. Specifically formulated to help defend your body against harmful agents in our air, water , and food. 

  • Synergistic blend of both antioxidants and detoxifying nutrients to help your body interrupt toxic processes and protect against cell damage from environmental pollutants. 

  • Provides protection against antioxidants. Contains beta-carotene and other carotenoids as naturally occurring in carrots, plus vitamin C and the whole vitamin E family of tocopherols and tocotrienols. 

  • Helps to detoxify foreign substances that are ingested or inhaled. 

  • B-vitamins, including riboflavin, niacin and pyridoxine and magnesium, help to detoxify foreign substances. 

  • It helps to protect against heavy metal contamination and helps to boost immune function. Zinc, selenium and GTF chromium support the body’s vital defenses. 

  • It provides as much beta-carotene as two large carrots. 

  • Amino acid chelation improves the absorption of beneficial minerals.


Please note: Gnld products and neolife products are the same company. You can get Betaguard online or in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Enugu office, or anywhere in Nigeria.

Carotenoid Complex – One of The Neolife Products

Carotenoid Complex - One of The Neolife Products


Neolife’s Carotenoid Complex is a one of the best selling neolife products in Nigeria and is broad spectrum of OIL  SOLUBLE antioxidant complex derived entirely from whole food sources. Each capsule provides wide range of carotenoids that match the optimal serving of fruit and vegetables.
Carotenoid Complex is the only product of its kind to provide this exclusive blend 
of carotenoid-rich concentrates in form that the body can easily recognize and use. 
Studies by USDA researchers suggest that carotenoid-deficient diet compromises immune power and that wide 
range of carotenoids in the Daily Carotenoid Complex could enhance the immune response of otherwise healthy people. 

Daily Carotenoid Complex has been shown as follows: 

  • Dramatically improve both immune cell levels and overall immune cell responsiveness. 
  •  Boost levels of lymphocytes that are the body’s first immunological line of defense against disease. 
  • Increase natural killer cell levels by more than 21 percent above baseline levels in just 20 days: more than twice the effect of beta-carotene alone!
  •  Reclaiming the loss of immune power and boosting the overall immune capacity by 37% in just 20 days. (Supplementation with beta-carotene alone did not provide this benefit). 
  •  Highly bioavailable: the ingredients in the Carotenoid Complex are absorbed and used by the body.

Please note: Gnld products and neolife products are the same company. You can get Carotenoid online or in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Enugu office, or anywhere in Nigeria.


PhytoDefense – Another Great Neolife Product

phyto defence neolife products in nigeria


PhytoDefense provides broad phytonutrient protection for six optimal servings of fruit and vegetables in one convenient pack. Each PhytoDefense pack contains NeoLife’s exclusive, patented Carotenoid ComplexTM, which provides antioxidant protection against free radical damage to lipid portions of cells; Flavonoid ComplexTM, which helps protect watery portions inside and around cells; and Cruciferous PlusTM, which provides nutrients that work with naturally occurring hormones and enzymes to promote good health.

Please note: Gnld products and neolife products are the same company. You can get Phyto Defence online or in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Enugu office, or anywhere in Nigeria.


GNLD Neolife Chelated Cal-Mag with 500 IU Vitamin D3

gnld products in nigeria Chelated Cal-Mag with 500 IU Vitamin D3


GNLD Neolife Cal-Mag comes with unique amino acid chelated calcium to improve absorption in a 2-to-1 ratio of magnesium, a mineral that plays an important role in numerous enzyme systems and in the regulation of the cardiovascular system and muscle contraction.

Cal-Mag capsules contain vitamin D for people who do not have enough vitamins in their diet. BENEFITS Critical for cardiovascular health, normal blood pressure, nervous and muscular function, reduced symptoms of PMS and many enzyme reactions SUPPORTS ● Normal blood pressure ● Optimal nerve function ● Muscle function ● Relieves PMS Symptoms * PROMOTES Strong bones and teeth Postpone or prevent osteoporosis * PURE & NATURAL Pharmaceutical Pure Seasheets Supports normal blood pressure, optimal nervous and muscle function, and PMS.

It promotes strong bones and teeth.

Please note: Gnld products and neolife products are the same company. You can get Cal-Mag online or in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Enugu office, or anywhere in Nigeria.

Chelated Zinc – Neolife GNLD Product

Chelated Zinc


In addition to its proven ability to reduce the severity and duration of common cold symptoms, zinc promotes healthy reproduction and energy metabolism, normal prostate function, and wound healing.

GNLD Neolife provides high-purity and high-power zinc plus natural amino acid chelation for improved absorption. Supports the health of the prostate.

Highlights ESSENTIAL For normal growth and development of reproductive organs and normal prostate function.

* Important in wound healing and has been shown to be effective in accelerating the healing of ulcers. *

SCIENTIFIC STUDIES zinc supplements reduced the duration of cold symptoms by an average of three days and also reduced the severity of PURE AND POTENT Pharmaceutical grade symptoms.

HIGHLY ABSORBABLE Zinc reacts with amino acid methionine in our unique chelation process, a process that has been proven to improve zinc absorption in the body.

Please note: Gnld products and neolife products are the same company. You can get Chelated Zinc online or in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Enugu office, or anywhere in Nigeria.