Aloe Vera Plus Neolife Gnld Product

Aloe Vera Plus Neolife Gnld Product

The time-tested goodness of pure Aloe Vera combined with an exclusive, proprietary blend results in a refreshing, delectable drink.

Aloe Vera Plus - Neolife Gnld Product

Health benefits of neolife aloe vera plus


Usage of Aleo Vera Plus Gnld Neolife Product

Drink 50 – 100 ml per day

Highlights of Aleo Vera Plus Gnld Neolife Product

Aloe Vera Plus - Neolife Gnld Product

Refreshes and Relaxes

Soothes the digestive system and stress-induced digestive discomfort.*

Aloe Vera Plus - Neolife Gnld Product


The “gel only” filleting process preserves aloe polysaccharides for maximum benefit.

Aloe Vera Plus - Neolife Gnld Product

Herbal Tea Blend

Ginseng (Eleuthero) is used to energize, and chamomile is used to calm and relax.

Aloe Vera Plus - Neolife Gnld Product

Sweetened by Nature

for a ‘glycemic edge’ that provides both immediate and sustained energy, Lemon flavor enhances the overall flavor.

Aloe Vera Plus Neolife Gnld Product

The soothing Aloe Vera plant has been enjoyed – both topically and internally – for approximately 4000 years to support health, stamina, and vitality. It is used worldwide in beverages and traditional remedies.

Aloe Vera Plus, as the name implies, goes beyond simply providing the benefits of Aloe Vera by also including the herbal benefits of nature’s energizer, ginseng, as well as chamomile to calm and relax. Herbs and aloe have traditionally been a natural mystery, but research is beginning to validate many traditional uses of this succulent plant as well as herbal extracts.

This combination in Aloe Vera Plus is a delicious and refreshing way to revitalize you so that you can meet your mental and physical needs to the best of your ability.

Aloe Vera Plus Neolife Gnld Product

Why Neolife Gnld Product​ Aloe Vera Beverage?

Why Gnld NeoLife’s Aloe Vera Plus?

The mystery of Aloe Vera Plus Neolife Gnld Product

Throughout the ages, so-called “folk” remedies have proliferated. In fact, almost the entire development of what we now call “modern” medicine has occurred in the last two centuries, with the majority occurring in the last fifty years.

Two centuries of giant strides have unquestionably increased life expectancy and provided numerous preventive solutions to age-old maladies.

However, the human species has survived, and in some cases thrived, for thousands of years without the benefits of “modern” medicine.

How could that happen? Because nature, which provides man with materials for nutrition (food), shelter (wood, mud, stone, etc.), and materials for every aspect of life (water, air, sunlight, etc.), also provides man with materials for renewal and rebuilding (penicillin, for example, can be refined and processed from simple bread molds).

It is very likely that today’s Aloe Vera plant differs very little from its form when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Of course, this is all speculation, but it is not difficult to imagine early man gratefully rubbing Aloe Vera juice on the badly damaged skin he must have suffered in his first fumbling attempts to master the use of fire. Somehow, belief in the properties of Aloe Vera appears to have followed mankind throughout his reign on Earth – all the way to the present.

Aloe Vera users today praise a nearly limitless number of applications. What is the real story behind the Aloe Vera Gnld Neolife product?
The truth is that no one knows. After centuries of intensely concentrated research in many countries around the world, the “mystery” of Aloe Vera remains a scientific puzzle.

Nonetheless, an increasing number of people swear by it for the relief of a wide range of ailments as well as the general restoration of vitality in old, tired bodies and the like. Is it effective? Millions of people have thought so for thousands of years… but the mystery remains.

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